Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring Clothes

Dear Diary, Anne and I have had many conversations re Hazel. Her announcement about having a man friend and considering marriage threw our minds out of kilter. We failed to ask enough questions! How many years had she lived in this town? When did she marry ... in fact Dear Diary we forgot to ask her married name! And what is even stranger, she never volunteered it. That of course means we have no method of contacting her, though Anne knows which street she lives in. Just imagine if we staked out the street! Neighbours would wonder what was going on. Still we are curious.

Later Anne came up with an idea! Dear Diary, Anne is a very resourceful woman when it comes to detective work. Her plan was that we go to the shops, and hope to 'run into' Hazel. After an early lunch we called a taxi as while Anne has made a good recovery after her fall, it was too much to expect her to drive as her confidence took a dent. The sun was shining, but the wind chill factor brought the temperatures down.

In all truth we had little essential shopping, but with spring arriving, and the shop racks filling with new seasons clothing a little window shopping seemed an excellent idea. Wandering along Main Street a window dressed in stunning colours of lime green and a contrasting blue, which should have clashed terribly, but instead caught the eye; a glance inside was enough to entice us in. As I hadn't brought all that many clothes with me, and as the weather was improving, I could see no harm in a small indulgence. A blue skirt and contrasting lime green with blue flowers, the same shade as the skirt fitted perfectly. Anne browsed. It was no surprise she didn't buy as she had a wardrobe of clothes at home, unlike me who was living out of a suitcase.

Taking my clothes to the counter I spied Hazel looking at cardigans. This was the opportunity we had wanted! Anne noticed almost the same moment as I, and taking the bull by the horns she left me to pay for my purchases and made her way purposefully towards Hazel who expressed pleased surprise when she saw Anne bearing down on her. I paid for the skirt and blouse before heading over to Anne and Hazel who were engaged in enthusiastic conversation. By the time I reached them arrangements had been made. Dear Diary, I have already said Anne is a very resourceful woman! Hazel cheerfully greeted me, and expressed her thanks to Anne for inviting her to lunch the following day. Aha, Dear Diary, tomorrow we may find out more!

Anne and I accepted Hazel's kind offer of a lift home, which allowed Hazel to find out where she would be travelling for lunch the following day. She did decline an offer to come inside for a coffee, insisting she had chores to attend to. We bade her farewell, agreeing we were looking forward immensely to lunch.

The moment Hazel drove out of sight Anne did a small jig, which surprised me, as I thought her ankle was still a little poorly.

"Alice," Anne said, " Hazel is Mrs Hardcastle. Her late husband was a well-known entrepreneur in the music world."

I nodded. I had heard of a Garfield Hardcastle, never connecting him with Hazel Bottomly of my childhood and schooldays.

Anne continued innocently, "I think I might pop over to Richard and invite him to lunch tomorrow." She winked in a conspiratoral way.

Suddenly I remembered that Richard had spoken of a widow named Hope.

"Anne, who is Hope?" I enquired.

Anne looked puzzled. She laughed. She thought that Richard was in fact unaware of Hazel's correct name. In fact the more we thought about it, we wondered just how much Richard did know about Hazel! Tomorrow can't come fast enough, Dear Diary!

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The plot thickens! :P