Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home ~ at Last

Dear Diary, Like turning wheels I have come full circle.

Niece waited at the bus stop, tossed my small luggage into the back seat and after ensuring I was settled, drove home. For home it is Dear Diary.

Little was said on the journey, which after all only takes a short time, but the absolute pleasure we both felt at being reunited was evident. I felt light hearted. I noticed Hester smiling a silly Cheshire cat smile. It was obvious all was well with her.

But what of Karen and Jake? I dared not enquire.

We hastened indoors where, glory be, Phil had a cuppa ready and had carefully laid the table with sandwiches [ham and mustard on thick bread, which made it obvious this snack was of his design], and three thick slabs of fruit-cake. The moment we stepped over the thresh-hold Phil gently took me by the elbow and sat me at the table, before he deposited my luggage in my room. A smirk on his face left me wondering what exactly was going on, but, being of a gentle disposition, I decided to wait until I was informed.

We ate. We sipped. Soon the plates were empty. Dear Diary, there is nothing more refreshing and invigorating that a 'meal devised by a man'. There is something basic and strong about it. Even the tea was a hearty brew.

Phil leaned back in his chair, almost swinging on it. I peeked at Hester, half expecting her to chastise him for that juvenile action, but no, she simply smiled.

Well Dear Diary, my curiosity was aroused. It was evident they had no intention of telling me any news, or indeed where Karen and Jake were. There were absolutely no signs of their habitation.

Finally the suspense was too great.

"Hester?" I ventured. "Where are Karen and Jake?"

Phil looked at Hester. Hester looked at Phil. I looked at them both. What was going on?

"Aunt Alice," began Niece, " Karen and Jake have moved out. Jake found a little cottage, needing a little TLC, and without any dithering, they bought it. At the moment their main aim is to bring it up to a suitable standard for the expected arrival, and both are spending every moment painting and sewing curtains, and planning a garden."

I must have looked flabbergasted. I know I felt it.

"But ... but ..." I began.

"Oh Aunt!" spluttered Hester. "It is just so wonderful! They are only a ten-minute drive away. We will see them often. While the thought a having them living here, and a new baby sounded splendid in the beginning, I could see that perhaps the situation may become awkward. This is the best of both worlds!"

Dear Diary, this was a new slant on Niece, and Phil. I know I have spent many years living here, and perhaps had not been the most docile of aunts some of the time, but never had I felt so at home.

Phil stood up. "Alice," he said, "Come with me!"

This sounded remarkably like an order to me. I jumped to attention, saluted and replied, "Alice on guard Sir!"

Laughter from both Hester and Phil was so 'family'. Oh Dear Diary, my heart was full almost to burst.

However Phil had not finished. He tied the silk scarf I had carelessly thrown over the back of the chair around my eyes, causing a little consternation I must say. I stumbled along the passage and it seemed as though we were heading to my room. A door was opened, the scarf taken off my eyes.

During my absence a makeover of my quarters had been undertaken. The patio had been increased in size; a covered sunroom opened off the bedroom; and the bedroom had been painted.

"Now Aunt Alice," said Niece, " all that is left for you to do is choose your colours for drapes and furnishings."

I have a confession Dear Diary. At that moment my eyes filled with tears. These wonderful people had done this for me.

I hugged them in turn, and announced happily, "I am so glad to be home".

Dear Diary, now that life is something to look forward to, each day a new day in which to discover interesting things, there is little left for me to write about. The one sad moment is this ... Farewell Dear Diary.


Karen's Korner said...

Thank you Aunt Alice for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I am happy to hear your good news and wish you and your "family" every happiness.

Jilly said...
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Jilly said...

Sorry, I made a mistake.

I have loved this, but I want to know did they have a boy or a girl? Did they finish off their little home? 💞💞💞